Button Function
A ROM menu
X Option menu
B VMU menu
Y Credit
START + Y + L + R Reset

ROM Menu

Button Function
A Move to the directory
Y Move to the parent directory
X + D-pad Accelerate cursor
Analog stick Adjust cursor wait

In game

Button Function
X NES B Button
A NES A Button
Y NES Select
D-pad NES D-pad
L Trigger Toggle rapid fire (You can confirm the status of rapid fire at VMU LCD)
L + R + START Exit game
R + B Quick state save menu
R + Y VMU state save menu
R + X System menu (Reset, Change disk side on FDS)
R + A Option menu(Rapid fire setting, Adjust screen setting)
R + START Cheat menu
Analog stick Adjust frame skip (You can confirm the status of frame skip at VMU LCD)
Analog-Up no skip
Analog-Down x2.0
Analog-Right x1.0
Analog-Left x1.5
R + Analog-Left x4.0